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By standing out for their exceptional performance and achievements, Clotilde Delbos, Sylvain Coursimault & Carlos Ghosn have shined at the Eurostars Awards of Automotive News Europe! 👏

A significant contribution to move our world forward! 🌟

Celebrating Renault's 120 years of Easy Life!


Celebrating Renault's 120 years of Easy Life!
From our first emblem of French luxury design to today's solutions, we’re redefining what premium mobility means for the next generation.

Renault ZOE | The Walking Dead


If Renault ZOE were there to save the day, some TV shows would end a lot faster... 🧟‍♀️😏

Discover the Mobility Theory


6 months, 3 new concept cars, 1 hidden person and a whole new understanding of our vision for the future of mobility!
Thank you for joining the Mobility Theory. As for Groupe Renault, more will follow!

You solved Mobility Theory!


You've solved the Mobility Theory, and found Laurent Marcovick! Join him now, live from the Paris Motor Show in the Renault EZ-ULTIMO to ask your questions about the adventure that led you to discover our vision for the future!